My blog will deal with the German internet plattform yoofive. Yoofive.de is a copy of the american internet company fiverr.com

On yoofive.de  the users are able to offer all kinds of  provision of services to any interested user for a fix price of five Euros.This project is quite new, though it has already gathered a lot of interested users, who offers their provision of services for the mentioned price of five Euros. Just like fiverr.com one can find a wide range of services such as clerical work, graphic designs and other specefic services, which seem funny at first sight.

The sellers of these services got paid 4 Euros and the rest of one Euros is the charge for supplying or using the plattform. One pays per paypal.

Well, in the upcoming weeks  i am going to go into as far as specific issues such as the usability of the offered services or a comparison to the american model is concerned.

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