The blog for today will be about the new features, which has been invented on yoofive. How expandable and profitable can such an a business become in the near future. These days a lot of companies which arises on the market mostly takes place on the internet. The most popular examples are goolge and facebook. How big google and facebook had become goes without saying. Google and facebook´s marketing strategies are well-known and very succesful on the market.
If one takes into consideration that is just offering a single provision of service for the price of five Euros, it is really hard to figure out how is going to survive economically on the market by tme, because a whole bunch of internet companies has been founded in the past years and months and its getting more in the course of time.
Working on the my chosen task, i have discovered new futures on, which seem promising.

At first i want to start with the the most profitable innovation. The carriers of yoofive have invented a new pricing list. Now there are not just provision of services offered for five Euros. The users are now given the possibility to offer or sell a service from five to twenty Euros. The services offered are still in the hands of the users. Now every smart person can earn quite more than in the past.
From my point of it is more gainful to have a wide range of prices. Therefore service of provision csn be taken more seriously than it has been before, Additionally the profit margin might rise time after time.

Secondly yoofive has launched a so called city feature. It means specific service of provisions are also offered or sold in cities. For example one is able to offer a painting job or get help on house moving. This feature resembles other plattforms on the internet like
The services are not limited anymore.

The last implementation i want to write about is the chatforum, which has been created for the users in case of any technical difficulties or to have the users have an incomplicated start to the page.

Finally putting it into nut shells, the improvements on are not just interesting, they are also useful. The provision of services can be offered with a greater effort, so they can charge more than five Euros.


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