NEW ADDS ON YOOFIVE…seems a like a game to me! Is there any strategy in sight?

My company am issuing on is quite a new start-up as i have been posting the past weeks. Reading up on yoofive daily or weekly i must seriously admit there is always a new add, which had been or is going to be invented.

However, since newest ones one can introduce himself also creatively with and win, besides, something. Now there is the first lottery in the form of a photo competition. The whole stands under the motto „Yoofive and me“. The user has to show here the possibility his impressions from yoofive in a picture. Besides, it is no matter whether it around a photo, a collage or picture assembly acts which is a central issue, it is amusing, has fallen out and creatively. The first price is endowed with 25 euros. However, also second to fifth placed does not come away empty-handed. gives to the user the possibility to introduce itself after the service offer. Not only with a Blog with which themselves the users can exchange and have place for praise and criticism, but now also in the form of this lottery. The Internet users are constant in search of something new and things with those them can take part. Yoofive is all over Germany the only 5-euro-service main entrance and tries to offer new opportunities to his users over and over again to take part. Also in future should take place more of these lotteries.

Eventually, because of the reason they are new on the market one cannot foresee the outcome. I am curious to know in which direction they are heading to. It seems to me that it is all possible as far as success or flop is concerned!!!


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