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NEW ADDS ON YOOFIVE…seems a like a game to me! Is there any strategy in sight?

My company am issuing on is quite a new start-up as i have been posting the past weeks. Reading up on yoofive daily or weekly i must seriously admit there is always a new add, which had been or is going to be invented. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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The blog for today will be about the new features, which has been invented on yoofive. How expandable and profitable can such an a business become in the near future. These days a lot of companies which arises on the market mostly takes place on the internet. The most popular examples are goolge and facebook. How big google and facebook had become goes without saying. Google and facebook´s marketing strategies are well-known and very succesful on the market. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Yoofive-A brief explanation on how to use Yoofive

As a matter of fact this kind of business idea is quite new Germany, even in the whole Europe. The only website which slightly resembles Yoofive in Germany is On there is only a specific provision of services offered which is hiring a craftman.
These days people still have difficulties with the handling on Ebay and not everyone, who wants to offer a service or wants to get job got done is really into internet. Therefore a brief explanation is needed.

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My blog will deal with the German internet plattform yoofive. is a copy of the american internet company

On  the users are able to offer all kinds of  provision of services to any interested user for a fix price of five Euros.This project is quite new, though it has already gathered a lot of interested users, who offers their provision of services for the mentioned price of five Euros. Just like one can find a wide range of services such as clerical work, graphic designs and other specefic services, which seem funny at first sight.

The sellers of these services got paid 4 Euros and the rest of one Euros is the charge for supplying or using the plattform. One pays per paypal.

Well, in the upcoming weeks  i am going to go into as far as specific issues such as the usability of the offered services or a comparison to the american model is concerned.

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Asian Market

Generally business ideas, which rises up in Asia especially in countries such as japan or south korea are often more welcomed by the population as in Europe.

As far as 7-11 is concerned i think it would take some more time to achieve such an acceptance by the employees and the customers. It also deals with cultural aspects and therefore in my opinion the Asian population are large-minded by far as in Europe.

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